Sunday, 27 September 2015

Plastic Paradise


Can you imagine a world where all your containers are made from natural materials like banana leaf or bamboo, without the need for plastic bags or Styrofoam cups? 

banana leaf used as a container

Do you remember grocery shopping with your grandma and her woven straw basket? Well, this was the reality in Indonesia up until a few years ago. The sad reality today is that the locals have no clue of how to dispose of a plastic water bottle or a used chocolate wrapper or the Pop Mie Styrofoam cup (instant noodles)…hence their constant presence by the roadside, on beaches, in rivers.

Packaging must be one of the earth's worst enemies today.

While unpacking the domestic appliances we bought for our new home, it was no surprise that there would be several layers of plastic packaging. However, the quantity was outrageous. It took me well over 2 hours to remove every bit of plastic around the free-standing cooker. Every inch of the cooker was sealed in plastic (the sticky kind). There was plastic actually screwed in to the appliance! 

To add insult to injury, all the bathroom fittings came with their very own sticker label not only on the packaging but also on the products themselves. This meant copious amounts of rubbing with thinner to remove all the sticky parts.

And the glass panes for the windows also came with their own individual sticker.

Suggestion to retailers in Indonesia..."please provide us with a means of disposing of all the unnecessary packaging"

Tip: Make sure to have lots of thinner to hand when unpacking brand new house stuff; it makes sticker removal slightly easier.

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