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The pondok

A ‘pondok’ is a shack made out of bamboo and grass and is usually located in the middle of the ricefields. Its main use is to shelter farmers from the scorching sun. It is not unusual, however, to glimpse a family of goats relaxing in the pondok.

This structure has been adapted and is featured in most Bali homes and hotels usually located by the swimming pool (similar to a cabana). It is usually made out of coconut wood and a thatched or wooden roof.
the pondok on the right 

Our new abode also came with a pondok, located at the entrance to the land, which we soon realized had become a meeting place for the locals. We resolved to find a way to put an end to this. So a few weeks into the project, the pondok was relocated to the rear of the land, where a podium with two-metre high columns was constructed as its base. It took 20 guys to move and lift the pondok. There was no real plan for the future of this structure other than as a hideaway / viewing platform.

the elevated pondok

looking for inspiration

For a couple of months the pondok was idle. As the development progressed, the pondok became a focal point with a bar and bathroom located below it, an outdoor entertainment area and a covered dining area located adjacent to it.  

time for a hair cut

now you see it...

now you don't...

Ideas evolved and the pondok was stripped back to merely four columns, with no semblance of its former self (except for the fact that its use is still for relaxation purposes). It has now been given a new lease of life as a self-contained bedroom complete with walls, new roof and a trapdoor for access. The bedroom, which is probably the most private room in the development, looks out onto the sea with a side view of the numerous coconut palms. The ultimate tropical beach picture!

And the top half of the columns has been re-adapted into a high table/platform.

the transformed pondok...aka the coconut bedroom

Tip: While I would usually advise that having a plan is key, sometimes it is best to let things evolve and your imagination will take over.

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