Tuesday, 21 July 2015


What's cooking?

In anticipation of our venture in a remote location, we invested in a rice cooker and a countertop gas stove. The staple foods here in Indonesia are rice and noodles with a range of veggies and either chicken or fish.

The Indonesians do not mind consuming rice three times a day. My body, however, is clearly indicating that I need to slow down on the rice and increase my intake of fibre instead!

The rice cooker is a truly indispensable tool when you need to prepare rice at 6am. I have also experimented with using it as a ‘slow cooker’ for stews. It actually works as long as you keep an eye on it.

mie goreng, a traditional indo dish
The other day I asked the neighbour to buy some chicken from the market.  The bird came in a plastic bag, which when opened let out a hideous smell. At first we thought it was due to lack of refrigeration. It looked ok though, so I ventured to boil it before stewing it in order to eliminate the smell. After chatting to various locals, we concluded that it is down to the halal way of killing the chicken. We were advised to look for a ‘kampung chicken’ instead which is a free range farm chicken. Watch this space for more about my chicken adventure.

dreaming of pizza!

 Meanwhile, when the house is done, we will be building our very own outdoor pizza oven. Any tips or suggestions on pizza ovens are definitely welcome.

Tip: In an area where the range of fresh vegetables is limited, do consider growing your own. Check out: Redeem your Ground

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